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Ever realised that you’ve left the lights on after leaving the house? Or wanted the heating to come on before you come home? Now you can control your home’s security, lighting, heating and more, all from one app on your phone, wherever you are.

What is a smart home?

Just as our computers are linked to the internet, now your everyday home devices can be connected online too, creating a “smart” home. It’s sometimes called IoT, standing for Internet of Things, and it’s the next big thing.

Which smart home system is best?

Link2Home gives you the flexibility to suit your needs, whether it’s checking on the safety of an elderly relative, security cameras that can see in the dark, or popping the kettle on. All in one app, with Link2Home you can create a seamless connected system for easy living.

Which smart home devices are best?

These smart home devices are good-looking and clever! Better still, they all work together, meaning you can create an automated sequence to suit your needs. Link2Home has smart home products for home security, lighting and heating, as well as other innovative appliances for easy living.

How do smart home systems work?

Link2Home’s high tech devices protect against the latest threats and even respond to your voice using Alexa, Siri and Hey Google. Unlike others, there’s no subscription charge.

You can easily add to your smart home system with more compatible Link2Home devices which can work together in an automated sequence, under your control.

How do I get started?

Download the Link2Home app from the App Store or Google Play. Then browse our range to find the perfect choice for your home and order online. If you’re in the trade, find a wholesale stockist near you.

How do I create a sequence with my smart home devices?

Your smart home products can work together in a seamless system. Create a sequence to suit your lifestyle, which can either start with just a tap, or automatically triggered by an action, or even in response to the weather. Learn more here >

Link2Home – smart home control, all in one app

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