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Amazon Alexa Vs Google Assistant which one is the best….

7 May 2020|Guide

Well the good news is our devices work with both, so you do not need to choose but we have tested both systems comprehensively and this is our opinion.

Out of the box, Amazon Alexa devices are easier to set up, enable skills and add new devices.

The Google Assistant though has a better listening capability and picks up on phrases much better than Alexa devices. For general web queries the Google Assistant wins.

For controlling your Link2Home smart home devices both are easy to configure. Devices with a screen and those which attach to your TV, will allow you to see your Link2Home Camera device on screen by simply saying “Hey Google – show me the driveway on the living room TV” or “Alexa – show me the baby monitor”.

You can use the Link2Home app to create smart routines too, such as when a PIR detects movement or there’s a change in the weather. These actions would trigger a response by other devices such as turning on the lights or the heating. Both Amazon and Google offer this automation in their respective apps. It’s easier to set them up on the Google Home app but Amazon Alexa allows for more intricate configuration.

To be honest, it’s hard to choose a winner between the two and it comes down to personal experience. Google’s language ability and better search functionality make it a better all-round search assistant but if you have multiple smart devices – and if you’re a Prime user – then Alexa is the way forward. All in all,  we think Alexa is the winner as it’s slightly more compatible and offers more configuration options – but that could change in the future.