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25 April 2022|Guide

What’s better than one smart home product? A smart system of Link2Home devices, working together in sequence! Find out how it works here.


What’s a smart home sequence?

A smart home sequence is where your smart devices perform a series of tasks, making your life run more smoothly. You can create the series of tasks to suit your needs and your lifestyle, all in one app.

What’s an example of a smart home sequence?

Here are some shortcut sequences that are popular:

  • Good Morning: The lights slowly come on, the thermostat goes up, the kettle boils, ready to for a smooth start to the day.
  • Night Watch: There’s a footstep outside, the bedroom light comes on, the cameras start recording, helping you protect your home.
  • Whatever the Weather: The camera detects that the room is overheating and turns down the thermostat.


What triggers your smart home sequence?

You can choose how to trigger your sequence. The sequence can be triggered by just a tap on your app, or by an action, or by the environment.

What smart control options are there?

  • Tap to Run

You decide when to run the sequence. Add a shortcut to your home screen and then it’s just one quick tap.

  • Automation

No need to tap, your sequence will begin automatically, based on any of these triggers:

  • Inter-device synchronisation
    • One device being activated triggers another one. For example, your camera detects a motion and the lights come on.
  • External environment
    • Trigger your sequence by weather changes such as temperature, humidity, windspeed and even the sun rising and setting.
    • Trigger your sequence by location, such as your arrival or departure from a specific place.
  • Schedule
    • Trigger your sequence depending on a specific time on specific days

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Create your first sequence now

To create a new “Tap-to-Run” click the “Smart” icon from the bottom menu and then the “+” icon in the top right-hand corner.

Click on “launch Tap to Run”

Choose from these options:

  • Run the device: From this option you can choose to enable or disable specific device features
  • Select Smart: If you have created an automation scene you can enable that here
  • Send notification: This featured is disabled in “Tap to Run”
  • Delay: Add a countdown timer to an event up to 5 hours, 59 minutes 59 seconds

Choose your device feature:

  • Click on “Run the device”:
  • Now you can choose what specific features on a product you want to enable or disable. In this example we switch on our external camera device motion alerts.
  • Click on your device and choose from a list of device functions, e.g.  click “on” then press “save” in the top right-hand corner.
  • Now click “next” and you can see a summary of your device tasks.
  • To add multiple device functions, click the “add” icon and repeat the same process.
  • Once you are happy with your selection of device tasks choose a “Name” for your “Tap to Run” and choose a “Style”.
  • If you would like to create a shortcut on your home screen then click “save”. Your “Tap to Run” is now shown on your “Smart” section and a shortcut shown on your home screen.


Discover More

We hope you enjoy creating these smart sequences to make your life run more smoothly.

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