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The science of lighting

7 May 2020|Industry News

What is light? Light can be a number of different things – it can be natural or manmade, for example – however, we use light in various forms every single day.

Have you ever stopped to consider how the lighting around us can affect our mood and outlook? A bright white light may pep us up ready for work whereas a soft rose light may calm us down for sleep. Different tones and colours suit different moods and situations and that’s why we say, why settle for one colour when you can choose from up to 16 million?

Link2Home’s range of Wi-Fi connected lamps allow you to change your lighting conditions based on your mood. They offer every colour from a warm white to cool white, and an array of colours. Light up your surroundings like its daylight on a gloomy day, create a warm atmosphere in the evenings that helps you relax or create a disco when it’s party time all through one simple and easy to control device.

Along with the colours, you can choose from stylish contemporary looking lamps or lamps with retro filaments – whichever you choose, you still get the benefits of modern Wi-Fi control.