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Welcome to our Support Hub. We hope to answer all your questions here. If you need additional help:
– check out the user guides in the ‘Me’ section of the app, or
– submit your question directly to us on the form below
You can also call us on 0203 7690857 M – F 0900 – 1700.

Check if there is a solid blue light – this shows the device is connected to the network. Also confirm that your router is on and in signal. If this doesn’t work, reset your device and add it again.

The reset only resets the network configuration not the app. Remove the device from the app by clicking on the device and choosing ‘Remove Device’. You can find this option in the device options in the top right hand corner.

Remove devices from the app then add them back onto the app whilst connected to the new router.

Check the card is the right way round and is formatted to FAT32. We recommend inserting the Micro SD card when the power is off.

Confirm that the app is still running on your mobile device – Background App Refresh should be on.

  •     Ensure that notification settings are on in the app screen under settings
  •     Also check that Motion and Sound is activated on the device settings

Ensure that you have installed the latest Firmware which is version 3.2.2. To check and update your Firmware click on the device options (pencil icon in the top right) then scroll down to Firmware Information. If you can not update your Firmware contact us with your Device ID. Once you have updated the Firmware it may be necessary to remove the device and add it again. 

To sync the doorbell chime once you have installed the doorbell press the reset button on the back of the chime just one. The LED on front will now flash blue. Now press the doorbell button on your doorbell device and you should hear a tone to indicate a successful pair. If you do not hear a tone try moving your chime closer and increasing the height inline with your doorbell where the signal is strongest.

The type of memory you need is a Micro SD card.

You can use up to 128GB memory card although we would recommend either 16GB or 32GB. If you choose a larger card such as 64GB or 128GB the card will need to be formatted to FAT32.

We would recommend you follow our instructional video here:

Link2Home » App

The light needs to be in pair mode first (fast blink), to activate pair mode switch your lights on and off 3 times and wait for the fast blink.  Then follow the onscreen instructions to set up the lamps manually. Ensure you are in a good WiFi area when setting up the lamps.

We do have a cloud based subscription service for event recording but you don’t need to subscribe.

Our devices will also record to your local device. Every time motion or sound is detected a still image is captured which can be reviewed in the app. Further to this all camera devices can take a Micro SD card and then when motion and sound sensors are activated the device will record a short video clip which can then also be reviewed in the app or you can record 24hours a day to the card. These features are completely free of charge.

For more information see: Link2Home » Cloud and Device Storage

  • For Cloud options on your single device access this by clicking on your device in the app, then choose Cloud storage and hit subscribe to see your options. Services start at £2.99 per month.
  • Our multi device storage options which can be found in the “Me” section of the App and “More Services”. Just Click “Cloud storage for Cameras” subscribe and choose your options. Services start at £4.99 per month.

For more information visit this section: Link2Home » Cloud and Device Storage

To rename a device click on the pencil icon on the device in the top right hand corner. The click on the current name right at the top and you will see three options

  1. ICON
  2. Device Name
  3. Device Location

To change the device name click on the current name delete it then add your own name and hit save.

You can add multiple devices under one user log in and also create several different “Home Locations” you can also share devices with other users. See the Home and Member Management section here for more advice: Link2Home » App

Under the Scene Mode on the lamp options there are 8 different scene modes:

‘Night’ (Warm white light that creates a soothing atmosphere)
‘Reading’ (Soft white light that eases eye strain)
‘Working’ (Cool white light that simulates daylight and aids concentration) ‘Leisure’ (Warm white light that is relaxing)
‘Soft’ (Light changes from dim to bright)
‘Rainbow’ (6 colours rotate in sequence with flashing)
‘Shine’ (Disco light)
‘Gorgeous’ (6 colours rotate smoothly in sequence)

Colour, flashing frequency and brightness can all be adjusted on the last 4 modes. Presets can also be reset at anytime.

The power cables are 2 meters in length.

All the camera devices will take a still image when motion or sound is detected which is stored in the app memory. In addition you can record video straight to your device in live mode and also insert a Micro SD card. When a Micro SD card is inserted then a 30 – 60 second video will be recorded with sound whenever motion or sound is detected which you can then review back in the playback options on the device. In addition to event recording you can also stream continuously 24hours a day which will take up around 7 -8 GB of space so we recommend a 16GB memory card which is enough for up 48hrs recording.

Please see this section here for more options: Link2Home » Cloud and Device Storage

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