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Home Automation

7 May 2020|Guide

What if all the devices in your home could connect to the Internet? Not just your smartphone or tablet but everything: speakers, lights, doorbells, cameras, sockets, window blinds, appliances, heating, alarms – anything you can name. And what if all those devices could all communicate, send you information and take commands all through one application? It’s not science fiction: it’s the Link2Home solution and it is becoming a key component in home automation and smart homes.

Smart home technology is not just about turning your lights on and off. A truly smart home is fully automated. This is exactly what it says: it is the ability to automate things around the home or office at the push of a button, voice command or better yet, automatically. There are many smart home product solutions available on the market but as yet, there is not a ‘one app solution’ for everything that allows your devices to interconnect and talk to each other. This is where Link2Home’s focus lies: in bringing everything together in a ‘one app solution’ that enables smart automation without serious investment of time and money.

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