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Is Smart Heating Control for me?

16 November 2022|Uncategorized

With everyone’s energy bills rising now is time to get smart.


Smart heating control allows you to control your heating on the go from your phone, tablet or other device including your smart speaker.


At Link2Home we have different solutions to suit different needs.


What is a Smart Thermostat?


Our Smart thermostats connects your heating system to the internet – letting you change the temperature or switch your heating off on your smartphone or other device when you’re out and about, or with smart routines in the Link2home app control your heating automatically based on your location so you’re not heating your home when you’re not there.

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It doesn’t matter which energy provider supplies your energy or what type of energy you use the thermostat connects straight to your boiler.


If your internet goes down, then don’t worry as your heat will stay on and your routine will continue but you won’t be able to control your heating via the app during this time.


Link2Home smart heating devices include “open window technology” that detects a sudden drop in temperature often caused by open doors and windows at which point the heating programme will pause and then resume when the temperature stabilises. This means you won’t literally be throwing your money out of the window or door.


Other features include freeze protection which protects your pipes even when you’re not there.



What is Zonal Control?


Some thermostats offer multi room or zone control that lets your heat different parts of your home independently and arguably this is the best way to save money by only heating the rooms you’re using.


A good way to achieve “zonal” control is with Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). The initial investment here is not as much as that required for a thermostat and you don’t need a smart thermostat to use our TRVs so you can start to create a smart heating system for minimal cost.

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The size of your rooms and home can make TRVs more or less effective. For example, in a small flat the best solution would likely be a smart thermostat where the heating for the whole home is changed based on the temperature of where the thermostat sits but this is where the challenge comes with bigger homes and bigger rooms dependent upon your thermostat location.


Adding TRVs around our home can give you much greater control over your heating. For example, in the average UK household with bedrooms upstairs and living spaces downstairs once everyone is up in the morning there is no need to keep heating the upstairs and so TRVs can be used singly or as a group to turn an individual room on/off or a complete zone such as “upstairs”.  Also consider adding TRVs to spaces you don’t often use such as spares rooms and home offices.


With Link2Home TRVs you don’t have to worry if your internet goes down either as they use a technology known as Zigbee. Zigbee vs WiFi can send data up to 4 x further than WiFi and is more reliable as a heating system as everything in the home commonly uses WiFi which can create band width issues. TRVs also use AA batteries and Zigbee consumes a lot less power vs WiFi which also gives you longer battery life.


To get Zigbee to work in the first instance you do need a Zigbee hub. This creates a local Zigbee network that you can add up to 60 devices to.


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Will my Smart Hearing work with my Smart Speaker?

All Link2Home devices work with Alexa, Google, and Siri shortcuts. This means once you have connected your smart heating control you

can ask Alexa, Google, or Siri to set your heating to certain temperature or check where the current temperature is at.


Will Smart Heating Devices save me money?

Adjusting your house temperature by just 1° can save you up to £115 annually.  Turning your heating down when away and asleep by between 7 – 10° can save up to 15% on annual bills.

With large increases in energy costs this means that heating devices can pay for themselves in 3 – 6 months.


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